Saturday, December 18, 2010

Early Admission Returns

Casady seniors have enjoyed great returns in early admissions from colleges and universities.

Roughly 70% of our seniors have already been admitted to 1 school of their choice.

6 of our seniors have already signed on the dotted line through Early Decision programs.

And 2 seniors have already committed to take their athletic talents to D-I programs.

Here is a current list of the colleges/universities who have admitted Casady seniors thus far:

Auburn University (Athletics, swimming)
Austin College
Baylor University
Beloit College
Boston College (Honors Program - Top 5% only)
Boston University (Early Decision, binding)
DePauw University
George Mason University
Georgetown University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Hendrix College
Hope College
Indiana University
James Madison University
Loyola Marymount University (Film School)
Manchester College
Northeastern University
Oklahoma Baptist University
Oklahoma City University
Oklahoma State University
Point Loma Nazarene University
Pomona College (Early Decision, binding)
Regis University
Rhodes College
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design
Santa Clara University
Sewanee: The University of the South (Early Decision, binding)
Southern Methodist University
St. Olaf College (Early Decision, binding)
Texas Christian University
Trinity University
University of Alabama
University of Arizona
Tulane University
University of Arkansas
University of California at Berkeley (Athletics, rowing)
University of Chicago
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Kansas
University of Mississippi
University of Missouri at Columbia (School of Journalism)
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
University of Oklahoma (Presidential Scholars Program)
University of Rhode Island
University of San Diego
University of Tulsa
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Valparaiso University
Vanderbilt University (Early Decision, binding)
Washington University in St. Louis (Early Decision, binding)
Westminster College (Fulton, MO)
Westmont College
West Point (United States Military Academy)
William Jewell College

Congrats to all our seniors on their early success!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Great Article

I came across this great article on Derryfield High School's college counseling philosophy.

Reading through the article I could barely suppress my "Amens".

Similar to us, Derryfield champions a college fit approach over a college prize approach.

Like us, Derryfield's community has been able to subvert the impulse in our "serial applicant" culture to apply to 20 schools.

This year our seniors are averaging 4-5 applications which is a clear indicator that our kids are going against the current as opposed to going with it.