Wednesday, February 29, 2012

11th grade College Questionnaire - Aiming for Right Fit

As you begin to consider various factors as they relate to colleges on your radar screen, it is important that you focus on your priorities. A tool that can prove helpful in sorting the “must haves” from the “maybes” is the hierarchy of importance. As a factor (location, distance from home, prominence of athletics, etc.) comes into consideration, ask yourself whether that factor is “essential,” “very important,” “would be nice” in your choice of college.

Match your learning style and priorities for college with the characteristics of the colleges you are considering. Where do the “very important” and “would be nice” factors show up? Be careful to make sure your decision-making is framed by the “essentials”.

Please identify the level of importance in your college search of the following criteria with 1 being "non-essentials” to 3 “would be nice” to 5 “very important”:






Close to Home

Liberal Ethos

Conservative Ethos

Coed dorm

Single Sex College

Small Liberal Arts College (1,000-3,000)

Mid-Size College/University (4,000-8,000)

Large University (10,000>)

Campus in a rural setting

Campus in a suburban setting

Campus in a city

Cold Weather

Warm Weather

Greek Life

Rah-Rah Sports

Financial Aid

Crime and Safety

Number of friends also interested

Leadership Opportunities

Ability to change major

Ability to double major

Travel abroad


Percentage of students living on campus

Roommate different (religious, political, socio-economic)

Opportunities to participate in the arts

Opportunities to participate in the arts

Student Learning Services

Thursday, February 23, 2012

College Essay Brainstorming Exercise

Here are a list of 8 questions we encourage our rising seniors to answer to help them brainstorm for a college essay topic.

1. What are the five most important events in the story of your life?

2.What five things in your room (or car) are most meaningful to you?

3.What five character traits/qualities would your family or friends use to describe you?

4.If you had to give a "senior speech", what five topics would you feel most confident talking about?

5.Who are the five people that you most admire?

6.What are your five most favorite books or movies?

7.What are your five most favorite memories?

8.What five people have influenced you the most?