Tuesday, February 7, 2012

11th Grade Parent College Survey

Student's Name and e-mail address

2.Parent's Name

3. Please highlight the preferences that you believe
will best suit your student in a college. (More than one answer is OK)

Size of undergraduate population:

4. Location of campus

5. Level of Academic Challenge and Selectivity

6. Affordability

7. Academic Programs

8.What other parameters are important to you?

9.Do you now have some specific colleges in mind for your student?
If so, please list them.

10.What is your student's strongest trait? Give a recent example.

11.What teacher or coach has most inspired your student?
What teacher or coach has most challenged your student?

12.Does your Junior's academic record accurately reflect
his/her academic ability?If not, why not?

13.How has your child changed or grown
while a student at Casady School?

14.Do you have any specific concerns
about the college planning process?

15.What issues should I be sure to address
in our college meeting together?

16.If your child has a learning difference/disability,
please let me know what it is.

17. If your student has a learning disability, do I have permission
to reference it in the school letter of recommendation?

18. Are you interested in information about financial aid?

*19. Indicate all tests your student plans to take this spring/fall:
(The College Counseling Team recommends your student
take the SAT and ACT at least ONCE and at least TWO Subject tests).

February 11 (ACT)
April 13 (ACT)
June 9 (ACT)
September 8 (ACT)
October 27 (ACT)
December 8 (ACT)
March 10 (SAT)
May 5 (SAT)
June 2 (SAT)
20.College counselors get to submit a one-page
recommendation letter to most colleges/universities.
We invite you then to write a recommendation
letter to schools you would submit
on behalf of your son or daughter.