Thursday, May 31, 2012

Survey Results

This year we surveyed our seniors via Facebook (College-Bound Cyclone page) to ferret out feedback from them to help us reflect on this year and think about improvements for next year.

Some questions involved "Casady trends" in college admissions.

Other questions involved Casady programming.

All in all, it seems our 71 seniors, overall, were pleased with their college choices.

Congrats, seniors!  Come back and see us and tell us about how the college you chose has been an excellent fit.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

College Admissions: What Really Matters?

This helpful chart was pulled from this excellent blog.

Friday, May 11, 2012

National Trends and Casady Shifts/Trends

National College Admissions Trends

Competitiveness at Highly Selective Schools

Almost all highly selective schools reported increases in application volume, decreases in admit rates, and increases in wait lists.   Many admission offices are reporting that the majority of applicants are a “holistic fit” in terms of academic credentials (GPA, test scores).  As a result, as the newest research indicates, elite institutions are admitting more students based on “institutional fit” (underrepresented minority, athlete, legacy, 1st generation, engineering, full pay, development).  This year, for example, Duke and Vanderbilt admitted four of our students, all of whom were legacies.

Click here to see article on recent research.  Click here to see admission stats.

The Advent of Net Price Calculators  and Affordability

The US government has mandated that colleges/universities provide a Net Price Calculator for families to pre-determine their “EFC” (“Expected Family Contribution”) and potential financial aid package.  As a result, more families are “shopping” for the best deal, forfeiting a “first choice” school, and making fiscally conservative decisions to avoid crushing “self-help” financial aid. 

Click here to see article on this trend. 

Rising Popularity of Early Decision Programs

More students are “hedging their bets” and applying to schools that offer a binding, early decision program.  Many highly selective schools, particularly liberal arts colleges, are filling up almost half their class in their early decision program.  Early decision programs allow students to gain a competitive advantage in the “admission game”:  the applicant pool is significantly smaller;  the admit rate is much higher.  In return, schools get what they want, which involves the ability to predict outcomes and control yield. 

Click here to see admission stats related to this trend.   

Casady College Admission Trends

“Prestige” (“Best College”) vs. “Price Tag” (“Best Deal”)

While we still have a cohort that place a premium on the prestige of an institution, there is a burgeoning groundswell of Casady families that are concerned about the price tag of an institution.  More families, in other words, are asking for college lists from our office that are within a more conservative price range.  This almost all but eliminates highly selective schools that charge nearly $50-$60K to attend for a year, providing little to no merit-based aid.   In addition, more Casady students and families are thinking in terms of longevity in regards to funding both undergraduate and graduate school.  “Stretching their dollar”; avoiding “self help” financial aid (loans and work study);  “shopping packages”;  looking for the “best deal” – this is the new lingua franca among Casady families.  This year, for example, more students applied for local, regional, and national scholarships than ever before.  Consequently, our students received almost $4,000,000 in scholarships.  The money, in other words is definitely talking.  Take our three National Merit finalists, for example.  All three are matriculating to schools that offered the “best deal” (2 to OU;  1 to Rhodes).

Out-of-State vs. In-State Matriculation

For the past three years, we have seen a shift toward greater parity between students matriculating out-of-state and in-state.  This year involves a even split;  50/50.  We saw a slight decrease in students choosing OU (2011 – 24;  2012 – 22);  however, we saw a significant increase in students choosing OSU (2011 – 4;  2012 – 9).   Beyond the four Oklahoma schools (OU, OSU, Tulsa, and OCU), the Class of 2012 will matriculate to 27 different colleges/universities in the United States, and 1 in England  (click here to see matriculation and admission list).  Factors contributing to this trend include affordability, distance from home, level of comfort, and access to perceivable larger social, academic, athletic, and career resources.

Public vs. Private Schools

Similar to last year, we are seeing a shift toward greater parity in regards to students attending 4-year Public versus 4-year Private institutions.   In the Class of 2012, 36 students will matriculate to Public institutions;  35  students will matriculate to Private institutions.  The same aforementioned factors are contributing to this trend.

Liberal Arts College vs. University

It’s a growing national trend that is certainly ringing true at Casady (click here to read on article on this national trend).  Fewer and fewer Casady students are choosing liberal arts colleges.  Last year, 8 of 81 students (9.8%) matriculated to liberal arts colleges.  This year, 9 of 71 (12.6%) are matriculating to liberal arts colleges.  The majority of Casady students, in contrast, are choosing mid-size to large universities based on the perception of greater social, academic, athletic, and career resources/opportunities.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Depost Day!!!! Class of 2012 Stats, Part II

It's deposit day!!!!

Today 71 seniors will have completed a journey with us that started two years ago.

We are certainly proud of the way each senior embraced the process of identifying the best college for them.

But a few more admission statistics before we unveil the students' college destinations.

Our 71 seniors were admitted to 96 colleges/universities both in the US and abroad.

100% of the 71 seniors will be attending 4-year colleges/universities next year.

Our seniors will matriculate to 32 different schools  - 31 in the US and 1 in England.

Our seniors have received to-date almost $4 million in scholarships/merit monies.

Below are the names of colleges/universities that our students deemed the best college fit for them:

University of Arizona
University of Arkansas (2)
Austin College
Baylor University (3)
California Lutheran University (2)
Dartmouth College
Denison University
Drury University
Duke University
Hendrix College
Kansas Wesleyan University
University of Kansas
Lewis and Clark College
University of Northumbria (England)
Oklahoma City University
Oklahoma State University (9)
University of Oklahoma (23)
Rhodes College
University of Richmond
Roanoke College
University of San Diego

Sewanee:  The University of the South (2)
Southern Methodist University (2)
Southwestern University
St. John's College (Annapolis)
Texas Christian University (2)
University of Tulsa (2)
Vanderbilt University (2)
Washington and Lee University
Westminster College
Westmont College

Below are a list of colleges/universities our seniors were admitted to but chose not to matriculate to:

Abilene Christian University
University of Alabama
Auburn University
American University
Belmont University
Boston College
Boston University
University of California - Santa Barbara
Calvin College
University of Central Oklahoma
Centre College
Chapman University
College of Charleston
Clemson University
University of Colorado -Boulder
Colorado State University
Davidson College
DePaul University
DePauw University
Elon University
Fontbonne University
Furman University
University of Georgia
Hampden-Sydney College
Hope College
Louisiana State University
Loyola University (New Orleans)
Lynchburg College
Macalester College
Maryville University
Mid-America Christian University
Mississippi State University
University of Mississippi
University of Missouri - Columbia
University of Missouri - Kansas City
Newcastle University (England)
UNC-Chapel Hill
Northwestern University
Oberlin College
Oklahoma Christian University
Oklahoma Wesleyan College
University of Oregon
Parsons The New School for Design
Point Loma Nazarene University
Regis University
Saint Louis University
University of San Francisco
Seattle Pacific University
University of Southern California
Southwestern College
Southwestern OK State University
University of Texas - Austin
Trinity University (San Antonio)
Tulane University
Washington University - St. Louis
University of Washington
Webster University
Wheaton College (Il.)
Whittier College
Whitworth University
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Wittenberg University
College of Wooster
University of York

Congrats again to our 71 College-Bound Cyclones!