Friday, April 30, 2010

Casady's College Map of YES

Above is what I like to call the College Map of YES!!!

This map celebrates the 250+ college acceptance letters our seniors received from 100+ schools.

Perhaps my favorite statistic this year is that our Class of 2010 applied to 30+ schools that Casady students have not applied to before.
This demonstrates an openness to excellent colleges that fit our student's passions, learning style, and interests that are sometimes neglected by the new's media.

During a time when many schools are disappearing on the radar screens of colleges because of greater regionalization, Casady is showing up on new radar screens. Casady's name, in other words, is getting out there, and more and more colleges are discovering the par excellence of our students simultaneously as our families are discovering the college's par excellence.

To see the entire college YES list for the Class of 2010 - click here.