Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bootcamp Session #1!!

Session #1 is in the books.

And what a hit it was.

The MD lab was jam packed with rising seniors

ready to get a jump start on their college applications through the Common Application.

I did a little iPhone video to capture the moment.

In our session we perused the 418 colleges and universities that accept this application. (Click here to see the 2010-2011 "all member" list).

We worked through every section together, and paused at many spots, exploring questions, seeking clarification.

My favorite question of the group: "So if my cell phone contains a voicemail that includes somewhat questionable lines from a somewhat questionable movie - you're suggesting that I might want to change it just on the rare chance that a college rep might call and hear that message?"

Many seniors also had a chance to look at the supplemental pieces to each school. Wake Forest University always asks creative, thought provoking supplement questions. Curious what they are? Here are the 8 essay prompts:
  • Please list meaningful readings you have completed during the past two years in order of their interest to you:
  • Describe the culture in which you grew up. What are its strengths and weaknesses?
  • What outrages you? What are you doing about it?
  • As a part of 2010 Wake Forest orientation, the freshman class examined The Andes of Ecuador, a painting by Frederic Church. Next year what work of visual or performing art should the incoming class analyze? Why?
  • Think about your academic passion. Design your ideal seminar class in the context of a liberal arts curriculum.
  • What idea most challenges you?
  • What final Jeopardy category would ensure your victory?
  • I wish I knew....
  • What should we know about you that we haven't yet learned?
If I could answer just one prompt - "I'll take J.R.R. Tolkien and Lord of the Rings for final Jeopardy, Alex!" :)

Okay maybe one more. What many don't know about me is that I can dance. Like Michael Jackson-meet-Justin Timberlake dance. Break dance-meet-hip hop. I'm serious. I may be 35 years old, but I still got enough moves not to look like a total fool.

Switching gears; we are looking forward to our next bootcamp session on Thursday.

Let's pack the place again!!