Monday, April 18, 2011

UVA Top Twitter Posts

Ever wonder what admission officers at highly selective schools are thinking while they are reading thousands of applications?

Well, now you some filtered degree.

The University of Virgina has provided us such a portal through Twitter.

Just start following @UVaDeanJ on Twitter and it won't be long before you read some colorful and quite revealing threads.

Here are some of my favorite. (Please note the sarcasm underneath.)

A student who didn't apply to UVA is spreading a story about pledging $100K and being admitted...

Family member of an applicant who's still waiting for a decision just accosted one of the other reps.

Another day's worth of files done. First day without an essay about 1984 in a while. Well done, applicants!

This is interesting. I'm reading an app for a student at a school where the lowest GPA in the senior class is a 3.0

Just read an interesting app. Student ranked #1 in a class of 300. Applicant shared #1 rank with 299 others. Trophies for everyone?

Came across an applicant from a school where 38% of seniors have GPAs over 4.0. They have GPAs we didn't even dream of as kids!

Looking at a school with 500 seniors and 200 of them have a GPA over 4.0

It's a day for firsts. Previous record for most recommendations letters sent in was 37. New record: 56

If suddenly drop from a 3.6 GPA to a 2.3, you should really consider an explanation...I promise you it's noticeable

Looking at a 16 page resume with pictures embedded. How many hours did this take? Wish they had just filled out the @CommonApp chart

I know what AP Study Hall is, but I still chuckle when I see it on a transcript. :)