Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Parent's Role - Taking the Ride

This summer my wife and I took our son, Silas, to his first amusement park.

The Mall of America in Minneapolis.

Amy wanted to shop, so I got the task of going on all the rides with the S man.

And when I say all the rides, I mean I went on ALL the rides.

(What we won't do for our kids, right?)

You can see from Silas's facial expression, he's not so sure if he wants to go on this ride.

I remember telling him that when the chair lift launches us into the air, we both need to raise our arms up in the air and howl at the top of our lungs.

It took a few ups and downs. But it wasn't long before Silas's hand was semi-up in the air, and his mouth was filled with giddy laughter.

The college process with our kids many times involves a wild ride.

It has its ups and downs. Its emotional undulations.

Perhaps what our kids want from us more than anything during this process is simply to take the ride with them.

With them.

Not for them.