Monday, November 12, 2012

The Impact of International Students on College Admissions

One of the major forces in place that is shaping college admissions today is the growing international application pool.

Janet Rapelye, dean of admission at Princeton, mentioned this reality in a recent blog post for The Choice, referencing the Institute of International Education for verified data.

Last year, for example, Princeton's early admission acceptance pool was made up of 10% international students.  

This trend was pretty much the same at highly selective schools.

And this trend isn't going to change anytime soon.

China, in particular, will continue to flood American colleges and universities with full paying applicants.

This cohort continues to represent US colleges/universities burgeoning cash cow.

This was, in fact, the topic of today's Higher Education article. 

Here are just a handful of facts gleaned from both articles:

  291,439 undergraduate international students (764,495, a 5.7-percent rise over the year before)
  $21.7 billion into US economy
  70% funding outside US
  158,000 Chinese
  104,000 India
  73,000 South Korea
•  Top Schools for International Applicants:  USC, NYU, U of Washington, Purdue, Columbia, UCLA, Ohio State, Michigan
  Top Majors:  Business, Engineering, Math, Computer Science

What does it all mean?
Well, if it means anything, it's that international applicants will continue to be a major player in college admissions.

Colleges run like corporations today.

And the bottom line is the bottom line.

International students, in general, continue to meet two institutional goals:  1)  diversity of the 
school's profile, and 2) financial solvency of the revenue stream.    

Moreover, we will probably see more liberal arts colleges leverage the international demand for US
higher education to fill in gaps left by US students who no longer see the "market value" of a lib arts