Thursday, January 3, 2013

College Coaching Video #2: "The Bucket List"

Happy New Year.

We are wrapping up the application season with our seniors.

Most seniors applying into Regular admission pools have clicked the "Submit" button.

All green arrows on the Common Application.
Now we make the seismic shift to the 11th grade class.

This Friday we begin our College Seminar.

The first major phase of the college search process involves two things.


And research.

The former involves bending inward intentionally to explore the contours of self.

"Know thyself" is a helpful prerequisite to "know thy college".

The latter involves investing ample time and energies into researching the college landscape.

We will equip our students with a number of "handles" they can use primarily through Naviance to explore the horizons of possible college fits.

In between, we will encourage our students to begin to really formulate a bucket list.

To identify and enumerate what specific experiences they want to have during their college years.

Some students' bucket lists will have the same items.

Study abroad.  Double major.  Tailgating in September.

Other students' bucket lists will have very different items.

Live in a major city.  Do research in nano technology.  Study aviation.

This "bucket list" exercise is, of course, a very fluid process.

It evolves over the college search, apply, and selection process.