Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What is Confounding, Absurd, and Miasmic? Here's a Hint: It starts with a S and ends with P, H, Y

Recently a colleague sent me this article from the Stanford Magazine.

It explored the confounding, absurd, and miasmic underbelly of highly selective admissions.

It's crazy to think that last year at Stanford, for example, as the article points out, that 69% of the applicants who had perfect SAT scores were denied.

800 + 800 + 800 = No Thanks!

This little juicy factoid underscores again that the schools at the top of the food chain have a set of hidden agendas (aka "institutional goals") that drive this admission process.

One of the graphics that I found helpful was this one.

This graph reveals the meteoric rise in applications to the Big 3 + Stanford over the last decade.

As well as the sharp plunge in the admit rate.

Now when any student or family in the future comes to me with ambitions to gain admission to one of these schools, I have a great introductory article to provide them to calibrate their expectations.

Thanks, Stanford.