Thursday, May 8, 2014

Class of 2014 "College Day"

Today is our College Chapel.

We will celebrate the Casady Class of 2014 and their accomplishments.

We will announce where each of the 73 seniors are matriculating in the fall.

This was a "BCS year" for the Class of 2014.

Our Sugar Bowl win (still relishing the Sooner victory over Bama!).

First some college admission statistics about the Class of 2014.

Overall matriculation to 4-year colleges:  100%
Overall college admission rate:  74%

Overall admission:  95 different colleges and universities
Overall matriculation:  33 different colleges and universities

Out-of-state matriculation:  63%
In-state matriculation:   37%

Public institutions:  55%
Private institutions:  45%

Universities:  93.2%
Liberal Arts Colleges:  6.8%

Matriculation Location:
In State:  37%
Southeast:  36%
Northeast:  10%
Midwest:  10%
West:  6%
International:  1%

Total (reported) merit monies:  $3 million

The 73 seniors of the Class of 2014 will matriculate to the following 34 colleges and universities:

Harvard College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Pennsylvania
Cornell University
Duke University
Vanderbilt University
Rice University*
Pomona College
Grinnell College
Tufts University
The University of Texas - Austin
University of Wisconsin-Madison
New York University
Boston University
University of Georgia
Indiana University - Bloomington
Texas Christian University*
Rhodes College
St. Olaf College
Earlham College
University of Puget Sound*
St. Edwards University
University of Arizona
University of Arkansas*
Florida State University
University of Tampa
St. Louis University
Baylor University*
Harding University
Xavier University (New Orleans)
Institute of Technology in Buenos Aires
University of Oklahoma*
Oklahoma State University*
Oklahoma Baptist University

* two or more students attending

Congrats to the Casady Class of 2014!!!  We are proud of every college acceptance and every college matriculation!!!

It was an exciting adventure to partner with every one of you in discerning the best college fit!

Mission accomplished!!!