Tuesday, June 17, 2014

National Trend #3 - STEM Growth

Many highly selective schools reported major application spikes in science, technology, engineering and math programs.   

Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering, for example, reported a 20.2% increase in applications with 7,701.   

See the following article.

Princeton, for example, admitted 25.3 percent of their overall admission pool who indicated they want to study engineering, and a record 43 percent of those students were women.

This tells me that schools like Casady need to make a concerted effort to strengthen their upper end M and S curriculum, resources and faculty, as well as add "T" curriculum like an online AP Computer Science course.

There may also be some legitimacy to adding an Intro to Engineering course down the line as well...or develop some project-based curriculum that integrates in aspects of basic engineering.