Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scholarships and Trolling

I know some seniors have come by to ask for any additional scholarships out there. Now some scholarship deadlines have already expired. Others though are closing in. If you are an Eagle Scout and associated with Troop 193 you might want to check out this scholarship by clicking here. The deadline though is tomorrow. Another $1000 scholarship still available is the Black Mesa Scholarship. To read criteria click here. There is no set deadline.

When I think of scholarships, I am reminded of my first fishing trip with my father-in-law. We'd spend two hours trolling a cove of water near patches of high reeds. It would be frustrating at times. I'd snag my line on a reed. I'd get an occasional bite and because I was half zoned out I'd miss it. Every once in awhile, though, I catch a small to mid size trout. On the last day, in fact, I caught a 24 inch walleye.

Finding scholarships is like trolling a reedy cove. There are small-to-mid size scholarships available, but you have to be willing to scroll, read the fine print, and then struggle to churn out a essay.

Is it worth it?

Right now it might not feel like trolling and writing is worth $500 bucks. But when it comes time to buy your textbooks, you'll be glad that you have that scholarship money. That's like 125 Carmel macchiatos at Starbucks that you could buy because you snagged that small scholarship!

Looking for some coves then to troll?

Click here.

Happy trolling.