Friday, March 27, 2009


First time to visit my blog?


This is my first post.

What can you anticipate from this blog?

Hopefully many things.

Sometimes articles and antecdotes. Other times videos and pictures. You can also expect a random assortment of quotes, statistics, aphorisms, suggestions.

The penultimate goal: to create a space for me to foster creativity, generate ideas, and reflect openly on college-related topics.

The ultimate goal of this blog: to create an interactive space to keep you in "the know."

I've found that human beings don't like surprises.

Irony works well in literature. Not in college counseling.

So what I hope to do is eliminate as many surprises as possible for you.

That's why our college counseling staff will be making a concerted effort to provide greater accessiblity to you.

This blog is one expression of our attempt to foster greater interactivism and transparency.

So come and go as you please.

Feel free to leave a comment (minus expletives please if you need to go on a diatribal rant) with a question or a recommended article or web site. If you've visited a college, please share any thoughts. With your permission, I'll publish them.

So I look forward to the dialogue and conversation ahead.

To the journey,