Thursday, May 7, 2009

OU Honors College Visit Part II

OU's Honors College admits students with the following:
* Top 10% of their class,
* a 3.75 GPA,
* a 29 ACT/1280 SAT,
* and a well-written personal essay.

When a Casady student applies to the Honors College, their application is processed differently than students from many other schools. The transcript is pulled up and looked over for evidence of rigor. HC admissions know *based on our school profile that less than 20% of the Casady Class of 2008 earned over a 3.75 GPA *on our 4.33 scale. So what about the rest of our students? Are they unable to gain admittance to the OU Honor's College? Is this proof that the Casady rigor is "screwing" our kids in OU's competitive admission pools?

Not so fast.

Lest we forget President Boren's words.

"OU knows Casady."

"OU knows the difference."

"Don't water down the curriculum."

"Maintain high academic standards."

HC Admissions echo President Boren's words. HC admissions know our school profile. And our demanding curriculum. And our reputation for grade deflation [no skeletons in this school's closet]. As a result, a Casady applicant to the Honors College will be seriously considered for admission with a 3.33 GPA or better. *Now this doesn't mean automatic admission. Test scores must be comparable. And the essay must showcase that they are ready for the Prospective courses - heavily writing intensive.