Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OU Honors College Visit

We are still highlighting OU as our College of the Week.

I am excited about attending the OU Symposium for College Counselors in June.

I am equally excited about continuing to work with Andy Roop, our OU rep. He's the consummate pro at what he does.

I am also thrilled anytime that I can get some QT with this lovely gal. Dr. Vicki Schaeffer.

Yesterday I spent an hour with Dr. Schaeffer. While I waited to see her, I had a chance to walk the Honors College facility, see classes in action, and observe students in the learning center.

Quite impressive.

There was a palpable collegial feel about the Honors College.

Notably, here are few highlights I culled from the literature I read.

Fast Facts about OU's Honor College:

  • OU HC students graduate at a rate 20% higher than this or most university campuses in the country.
  • 40% of Honors College students participate in study abroad programs. Like Oxford. Or Italy.
  • Honors College students have earned National Scholarships and Fellowships: Rhodes, Gates Cambridge, Luce, Rotary, Goldwater [18 in 8 years!], etc.
  • Graduates pursue post graduate education at top institutions in the world: Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, John Hopkins, Lund (Sweden), Oxford, Sorbonne (France), Vandy, and Yale - just to name a few.

5 of the Top 10 Reasons to Accept the Challenge at the Honors College:

1. Private college education within a flagship university.
2. Smaller class size (19-22 students)
3. Leadership Center
4. Writing Center - provides one-to-one writing tutorial help
5. The only way to earn cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude recognition.

Tomorrow I'll share some of the golden nuggets from my conversation with Dr. Schaeffer.

But, boy oh boy, am I jealous for Scott Bennett and Summayah Anwar next year.

To learn more about OU's Honor's College and what Casady graduates like Scott and Summayah will participate in click here.