Monday, February 11, 2013

Surviving the Perfect Storm - Keep an Open Mind

In the face of the perfect college admission storm, we've talked about the importance of keeping perspective, taking a student-centered approach, and choosing wisely.
Now we come to the fourth tip.
Keeping an Open Mind.
Try not to let the fact that you may or may not have heard of a school close your mind off from exploring it.   
Many Casady students have discovered “hidden gems” all across the US...and beyond.  
One book that helped provide a new compass and needle point for finding excellent colleges was Loren Pope's book Colleges That Change Lives. 
Pope's thesis:  these 40 schools are better than the Ivies! 
One the salient points that Pope makes involves the idea that there are programs within the colleges that phenomenal.   
Take Rhodes College, for example.  
They have a Summer Plus Program that allows students to intern with research doctors at St. Jude’s Hospital during the summer and school year.   
One student I met at Rhodes turned down three Ivies to attend Rhodes because of the Plus program.  
That student would have made Pope proud.