Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Demise of Guys

I saw this graph in an article this week.

It reinforces the chasm growing between men and women who are college educated.

At our local flagship university, for example, the gap between men and women enrolling each year is almost 250 with each class.

There is now almost 1000 more females in school than males.

Which of course is now proliferating out into major urban sprawls.

Which then is making it harder for young women to find young men who are a "good match" in terms of education and career levels and ambitions.

Perhaps you have heard, read, or seen some of the stuff by Philip Zimbardo on this topic.

One of his more popular TEDS Talks is on the "demise of guys."

Zimbardo begins with sobering statistics about the growing gap between males and females matriculating and graduating from college.

And then he delves more deeply into the problems that young men are facing today in relationship to the opposite sex.

Preferring objects to people.

Gamers.  Cave Dwellers.

Socially awkward.

Addicted to pornography.

Paralyzed by intimacy.
The Ted Talk is worth the six minutes, especially if like me, you are raising a boy.

Or have in your English class of 14 students - 10 boys and 4 girls.