Thursday, February 7, 2013

Surviving the Perfect Storm - Keep Perspective

In my last post, I introduced the inimical forces converging in the college admission atmosphere to create the perfect storm.
High school graduation rates.
1st Gen. college students.
International students.
The Common Application.
The gazillions dumped into marketing.

How then do you, the student, come through the storm?
 First things first.
 Keep perspective.  The good news is that the overall acceptance rate at colleges is still 70%.  
 That hasn’t changed since the 1980’s.  
 In addition, it’s important to remember that only 24% of Americans have a college degree.   
Recent studies show that a person with a degree will earn $600,000 more over a lifetime than a person without a degree.    
That a person goes to college then is often more important than where they go to college.