Friday, February 8, 2013

Surviving the Perfect Storm - Make a Bucket List

High school graduation rates.
1st Gen's matriculating to college.
International students.
The Common Application.
Marketing and Rankings.
Combine these forces and you have the perfect storm.
 So how you survive this perfect storm in college admissions?
 Yesterday we focused on the importance of keeping perspective.
 Today our focus will be on taking a student-centered approach to the admission process. 
As opposed to a destination-centered approach
It’s normal to want to begin with “The List.”   
But try instead to start with you (remember – you and not your parents, siblings, teachers, counselors, etc. are going to college).   
Make a “bucket list” of things you want to experience before college graduation.   
Do you want to join a sorority?   
Live in a big city?   
Double major?   
Study abroad?   
Play in an orchestra?   
Perform in a play?   
Compete in college athletics?   
Mountain climb?   
Tailgate on Saturday’s?   
Come home regularly?  
Meet a diverse range of people?   
Conduct research?   
Write a mini dissertation?  
 Once you start figuring out what you want out of college, it will be far easier to find the kinds of colleges that best match your interests, ambitions, and preferences.