Thursday, April 30, 2009

6 Reasons to Attend College Fair

College Fair alert!

This Sunday from 1-3 pm at Heritage Hall.

50 colleges and universities.

OU, OSU, Tulsa, DePauw, Hendrix, Washington and Lee, Vassar, Arkansas, TCU, SMU and the list goes on.

So if you are a 10th grade and 11th grade student and parent then I hope you take the time to attend on Sunday afternoon.

Just recently The Denver Post published an article entitled,"It's Prep Time: 6 Reasons to Attend a College Fair."

Here is an excerpt from the article.

1. PERSONAL CONTACT. Fairs enable direct contact with representatives from hundreds of colleges and universities in one place. They're an opportunity to talk to people instead of surfing the Internet for information.

2. FORCED FOCUS. College fairs force students to sharpen their focus on college options and start making some decisions.

3. AID INFORMATION. Many fairs have separate presentations on financial aid options and how to obtain the most financial assistance. Colleges also cater to this issue, with many handing out separate pamphlets on their own options.

To read the full article click here.

See you there.