Monday, April 13, 2009

Dear Mr. Bottomly

Received this e-mail from conscientious parent not long ago with great questions.

Here is Part A of the parent's e-mail.

My son is in the 9th grade. He is hoping to get into one of the highly selective schools. We wonder what he has to do to prepare himself. It seems to me that many of the AP courses are only offered to 11 or 12th graders.

Here was my response.

"I had a chance to look at your son’s transcript – quite impressive! My suggestion for AP’s – look into receiving permission from Mr. Wiley for your son to take his AP US Government course. Your son might also look into taking Latin 3 AP course – if offered. The other option might be for your son to try and get into the AP Art History course. This course would not only fulfill your son's fine arts requirements, but it would also give him another rigorous course. What this would mean possibly is that your son will take six courses next year."

Look for Part B tomorrow.