Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hendrix Tour

I echo Lauren Pope who wrote in Colleges That Change Lives: "I was unexpectantedly blown away by Hendrix...There should be at least one college as good as Hendrix in every state."

After drinking in the "Shangri-la-like" ethos at Hendrix I had a strong sense that there are many Casady students who would thrive at this hidden gem of a liberal arts school.

Here are some pictorials of Conway and Hendrix with additional Pope commentary about Hendrix.

This is where I stayed. Parents - this is one great hotel option to visit.

Mcalisters - my favorite lunch spot with Amy. Big check + for me!

"Hendrix knows that they must prepare students to live in a global rather than an American world."

"It truly is a too-secret treasure that is both a financial bargain...and a great opportunity for a better educational experience than you'd find in the name-brand places."

"I was blown away by the collegiality, a feeling that there was something special happening, that everybody was in this together, that they really were changing student lives, and that that was something important - the most important thing you could with your life."

"Hendrix has an incredible ability to provide for its students whatever it is they need to expand and grow."