Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Parable of Persistence

Patrick Wert reaally wanted Boston U. His reasons. Big. Cosmopolitan. Brimming with diversity. Boston. The Sox. The Celtics. 100 colleges and universities within 100 miles. 1 in 4 Bostonians college students. An urban ethos humming with eclectic energy.

But Patrick was deferred in December. So Patrick mounted a campaign. He made a concerted effort to get to know his representative - Roberto Trevino. He emailed. Called. Had me write and call. In response, Roberto confided to me: "Patrick is right on the fence. Good news is that he has a real upward trend in his grades."

After the second trimester, Patrick wrote a formal letter to Roberto. He sent the letter to me. I put it on Casady letterhead. And we sent it. In the letter, Patrick highlighted his academic grades for the winter, along with his new leadership endeavors as class president.

Two months later Patrick got THE text. THE good one.

Last week Patrick attended a meet-and-greet event in Dallas for accepted BU students. As Patrick walked through the doors, he was greeted by a smiling fellow. "So there is the man," the fellow exclaimed, shaking Patrick's hand, "that won us over with his persistence. Welcome to BU, brother."

It was Roberto, Patrick's rep.

Patrick Wert. A parable of persistence.

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