Friday, April 3, 2009

Hendrix or Bust!

I'll be attending a Hendrix College fly-in over the weekend. I look forward to drinking in the Hendrix ethos. I hear the campus is simply gorgeous.

If you haven't read about Hendrix College in Lauren Pope's book Colleges That Change Lives, I would encourage you to not only purchase the book, but dive right in by starting with Hendrix College. You can do so by clicking here.

Neil Groat is our representative at Hendrix College. He's arguably the most congenial, helpful, and accessible person I've met working in this business. What I like about Neil is how transparent he is throughout the whole process. Simply put: he will always let you know where you stand not only the admissions process but also the affordability process as well.

While visiting, I hope to hang out a bit with a trio of our Casady kids. Grace Dubiskas, Luke Cornelson, and Jane Derrick are there. I'm eager to hear about their impressions of Hendrix.

Anyway, when I return, I hope to provide a small gallery of pictures, along with impressions, interview sound bites, and anecdotes.

Have a great weekend. And for those down in Houston at ISAS - be safe and knock em' dead!